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Minutes of Meeting

Academic Standards Committee Friday, October 16, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Location: OFE/FA Conference Room - Osprey Commons, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Rm 3108

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Steven Williamson, chair at 12.00 p.m.

Members Present:

Steven Williamson, Chair; Diane Tanner, Vice Chair; James Gleaton, Christine Weber, Pingying Zhang, Stephen Stagon, Susan Perez

Members Absent:

Kathaleen Bloom (class conflict)

Others Attending:

Megan Kuehner, Registrar; Jillian Gooding, Financial Aid Coordinator

Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of Minutes

    There is no minute to approve due to the organizational meeting.

  • New Business

    1.      Academic Appeals Committee Bylaws and Elections
             (correct name: University Academic Appeals Committee Bylaws and Elections)

    Faculty Association does not have the authority to modify the University Academic Appeals Committee Bylaws. That Appeals Committee may recommend bylaws changes, which are then sent to the Faculty Association Academic Standards Committee, but FA cannot initiate any suggestions.

    2.      Grade Inflation

    Megan provided the following information that she and Dr. Zhang pulled together. More than anything, I think that it reflects the addition of the + and – system to our final grades. I recommend no action.











    Correlation with time






















    A: there is no sig. relationship with time

    A-, there is a sig. increase of the number of A-  grades awarded over time

    B+, there is a sig. increase of the number of B+  grades awarded over time

    B, there is a sig. decrease of the number of B grades awarded over time

    B-, there is no sig. relationship

    C+, there is no sig. relationship

    C, there is a sig. decrease of the number of C grades awarded over time

    D, there is no sig. relationship

    F, there is no sig. relationship

    The university does not offer the C- as a grading option.  Withdrawal grades are student initiated and were not considered in the analysis. 


    3. First Time In College (FTIC) – Academic Probation Requirement

    Academic Standing Policy was presented by Megan Kuehner, Registrar (Academic Standing attachment). The committee unanimously supported the proposed policy.


    4. First Day Attendance Policy

    Jillian Gooding, Financial Aid Coordinator, presented a proposal to support first day of term contact to meet the Department of Education requirement of ensuring students who receive Title IV Federal Aid Initiate Attendance in an academically-related activity in each course that contributes to their enrollment for a term.  

    The committee also requested notification when students withdraw from a course.  Instructors are currently unaware when the student initiates a withdrawal. 

    The purpose of the policy is to document that a student initiated attendance in an academically-related activity during any period of enrollment in which the student received Federal Title IV Financial Aid.

    This policy needs to be worked out, and Megan will bring back to committee.


    5.     Acceptance of D/L Course Credits Upon Entry

    See attached (Acceptance of Online Course Credit Completed Prior to Initial Enrollment.)


    6.     Withdrawal Limit and Labs

    • Students taking a lab and lecture separately are being unduly penalized by the current withdrawal policy.
    • Example: Joe Student is in General Chemistry 1 and Lab (CHM2045 and CHM2045L). Joe Student is not being successful in chemistry and withdraws after consulting with an academic advisor. This counts as TWO of the three withdrawals, whereas for a student in a non-science course suffering the same issue, they would have only used one of the three withdrawals.
    • Consider a stipulation that if the student withdraws from the lecture, the lab does not count towards the limit, OR
    • Consider not counting labs towards the limit?
    • Megan will monitor.
  • Adjournment & Next Meeting

    Meeting was adjourned at 12.45 p.m.
    Next meeting will be on Friday, November 20, 2015 at 12:00 Noon in the OFE/FA Conference Room, Osprey Commons, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Room 3108.