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Annual Report
Submitted by Mr. Edwin Harris, Chairperson

The Academic Standards Committee reviewed multiple policies and issues in the 2014-2015 Academic Year. You will find a summary of each major item below.

Academic Appeals

We were asked to review the academic appeals process and the bylaws of the Academic Appeals committee. After making some headway into this issue, we were notified that the new Collective Bargaining Agreement outlines a process for Academic Appeals. Much of our work was undone by this move, and we waited for ratification to revisit this issue. We will work with the union starting September to outline the process given the verbiage in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Latin Honors
The Academic Standards Committee was asked to review the current Latin Honors policy and to consider making it easier for students to graduate with Latin Honors. Upon running the data, we found that some colleges have upwards of 50% Latin Honors for their graduates. We found this troubling and conducted a survey of our peers to see if they also felt this was an issue to be discussed and addressed. The survey surprisingly found that the majority of respondents favored making no changes to the existing policy. Therefore, we held off on making major changes.
However, we have put forward a policy that restricts Latin Honors from any student with a documented Academic Misconduct violation on their record.

Probation and Suspension Policy
We were asked to review the existing Probation and Suspension policy as UNF’s suspension policy factors term GPA, whereas most institutions only suspend if the cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0. Anissa Agne from Financial Aid answered questions we had about the existing policy and how it affects our students. The ASC will visit this issue in September.

Withdrawal Policy
Some faculty felt that the last day to withdraw at UNF fell too late in the term. After comparing our date with other institutions, we determined we are right in line with our peer institutions across Florida and we decided not to make any modifications to the current Withdrawal Policy.

Complete Withdrawals
The ASC worked with the Registrar’s Office to create a “Complete Withdrawal” policy for students who plan to leave UNF and not return.

In-Memoriam/Posthumous Degrees
The ASC worked with the Registrar’s Office to finalize the verbiage on the In-Memoriam and Posthumous Degree policies. The policy has already been used to honor the memory of a UNF Engineering Student.