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Faculty Teaching and Researching

March 2013


  1. Regular operating hours shall be Monday through Thursday 7am – 8pm and Friday 7am – 3pm.
  2. Faculty is responsible for keeping the Lounge secure. Please lock the Lounge if you are the last one to leave.
  3. This venue is for study, relaxation and quiet conversation among faculty members, adjunct faculty and retired faculty of the University of North Florida.
  4. No classes may be held in the Lounge at any time.
  5. No students (graduate or undergraduate) may be brought into the Lounge be any faculty member except for special events where student attendance is permitted.
  6. The Lounge may only be reserved during the above regular operating hours for faculty functions, which might or might not include students, parents, alumni, and non-faculty. Persons seeking to schedule such events must submit a written request to the Fine Arts Center Administrative Office, in which nature of the event and its relevance to faculty is clearly articulated. The request will be forwarded to the President of the Faculty Association or his/her designee for approval.

    Requests for use of the Lounge outside the above operating hours are also to be submitted to the Fine Arts Center Administrative Office but do not require further approval and are honored on a first come, first serve basis.

    Campus units organizing high profile events may request exclusive use of the Lounge from the University President.

  7. The balcony between the Faculty Lounge and the Talon Room is a shared space and accessible by both venues. Please be considerate of others while on the balcony if there is an event in the Talon Room.
  8. The Talon Room is a venue managed by the Fine Arts Center staff and is not to be used unless reserved for an event.
  9. The Faculty Lounge is a unique venue unlike any other on campus and is currently our premier venue. Faculty members using the Lounge agree to take responsibility for maintaining the space in accordance with the following basic rules of etiquette:

    • Discard all disposable items (plates, cups, napkins, etc.) in garbage bin.
    • Clean up any messes or spills.
    • Use coasters under cups and glasses to protect the countertops and tabletops.
    • Do no move any furniture.
    • Turn off the TV when you leave. Keep the volume low so as not to disturb others.
    • Don’t leave anything behind. Please take everything with you.
    • Return chairs to their proper placing so it’s presentable for the next guest.
    • Keep in mind that someone will use the space after you and it’s you responsibility to keep it presentable.

The Faculty Lounge is located in Osprey Commons – Building 16 – 4thFloor



Kellie Cosner, Coordinator & Events Planning of the Fine Arts Center
Bldg 45/ Rm 1402, Phone No. (904) 620-1894, email: