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Legislative Calendar (1996-1997)  - March 6, 1997

Agenda Item# 1– FA 96-38 (revised): Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee




The term “joint appointments” in this policy statement refers in general to the assignment of faculty to more than one academic department. The department in which the majority of the faculty member’s assigned activities take place is referred to as the “primary” department. Any other departments in which the faculty has assigned activities are referred to as “secondary” departments.


This policy is limited to those situations in which an individual holding a faculty line in one department is offered a joint appointment in another. It is understood that the faculty member involved in a joint appointment would be responsible to the college and department in which his/her primary appointment was made for all matters concerning evaluation, promotion, and tenure. The faculty of the secondary department, working with the chairperson of that department, shall vote on the offering of all joint appointments, and, where approval is granted, shall specify the types of participation and rights allowed the joint appointee in departmental governance in a letter to the faculty member. This specification will include the period of time the joint appointment will remain in effect. The faculty of the secondary department shall vote by secret ballot on these matters. All joint appointments are subject to the approval of faculty of the primary departments.



FA 96-38 –Memo Attachment