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Agenda Item FA 18-07

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Education and Human Services (Graduate) – (Foundations & Secondary Education)

Course Change and New Non-Degree (2 packages)

02/08/18: Passed

02/26/18: Approved

Log Number: 201708-101

Foundations & Secondary Education – Graduate


Change an existing course

Curr/Instr for Adult Learning


Graduate (6xxx)


We request the removal of the prerequisite of EDA 6302 Lifelong Learning and Professional Development for EDG 6626 Curriculum and Instruction for Adult Learning. When we had the Adult Learning master’s degree in C&I we used both courses to support the adult learning MED. However, since the adult learning degree has been retired, the EDG 6626 class is still being taught as part of the Advanced Teaching and Learning Leadership degree. This is no longer necessary and that particular course attracts folks from the Brooks College of Health in their Community Health program as well as some folks from the Coggin College of Business. When students try to register for it the get the prerequisite hold and often times, just look for another class instead of calling for the override. A removal of the prerequisite would solve this issue.


Log Number: 201708-84

Foundations & Secondary Education – Graduate

Add a new non-degree program
Certificate- Graduate Certificate in Secondary Teacher-Leadership and Mentoring

Summary of the Changes:

The Graduate Certificate in Secondary Teacher-Leadership and Mentoring emphasizes the professional development of middle and high school teachers at the graduate level as teacher mentors. The completion of five graduate courses in Foundation and Secondary Education and Educational Leadership prepares in-service teachers to become effective clinical mentors to support in-service novice colleagues. The program prepares candidates who desire to become successful teacher-leaders and mentors or district teacher coaches by integrating core UNF teacher education theories (e.g., explicit analysis of practice through personal practical theorizing, facilitation of research-supported teaching practices) and secondary classroom practices (e.g., accountability measures, top-down models of curriculum development). The program of study is comprised of 15 credit-hours through the following courses:
EDG 6070: Teacher Thinking/Decision Making (3 credits)
EDF 6687: Foundations of Multicultural and Urban Education (3 credits)
EDS 6050: Instructional Leadership (3 credits)
EDG 6325: General Education Competencies Models of Teaching (3 credits)
EDG 6911: Action Research in Education (3 credits)
(Click here for the program of study)