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Agenda Item FA 18-04

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Art and Sciences (Graduate) – (Political Science & Public Administration)

Course Change and Program of Study Change (2 packages)

02/08/18: Passed

02/26/18: Approved

Log Number: 201708-60

Political Science & Public Administration– Graduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program
Master of Arts – International Affairs Major

Summary of the Changes:

We are proposing changes to the program to add more elective courses relevant to the degree. This is to broaden the opportunities for students. It also increases the inter- disciplinarily of the degree. These courses include: ECO 6060 Economic Analysis (Department of Economics and Geography); CJE 5121 Homeland Security and Criminal Justice (Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice); EUH 6935 Readings in European History II, LAH 6935 Readings in Latin American History II, and EUH 6936 Seminar in European History (Department of History); and PUP 6006 Program Evaluation for Public and Nonprofit Management (Department of Political Science and Public Administration). Also, we have removed the requirement that electives be chosen from three or more disciplines. This is because it is not possible for so many departments to always accommodate the MAIA program in their scheduling of elective courses. Up until now this presented a problem for many students. It is intended that by adding new elective courses from new disciplines, students in the future will find it easier to draw courses from several disciplines.
(Click here for the program of study)

Log Number: 201708-93

Political Science & Public Administration– Graduate  


Change an existing course

Municipal Finance Administrati


Graduate (6xxx)


The course title of PAD6207 is being changed from Municipal Finance Administration to Economics and Municipal Finance. PAD6207 currently appears in the Local Government Policy and Administration concentration of the MPA. The program of study for that concentration is being updated to reflect this course title change in APC package 201708-87. PAD6207 does not currently appear in the Public Policy concentration of the MPA, but is being added to the program of study for that concentration (as a replacement for PAD6256 Public Economics) in APC package 201708-88. We are changing the title of this course to reflect a new emphasis on the economic analysis of municipal budgets. This change will make the course more appropriate for the Public Policy concentration in the Masters of Public Administration while maintaining its appropriateness for the Local Government Policy and Administration concentration.
New Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to examine urban fiscal and economic problems in the post-industrial city. Special emphasis will be given to the economic analysis and the public management tools of cities facing potential fiscal stress.