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Agenda Item FA 17-60

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Graduate) – (Marketing & Logistics)

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12/07/17: Passed

12/14/17: Approved

Log Number: 201708-11

Marketing & Logistics – Graduate

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Applications of Business Analytics (3 crs)


Graduate (6xxx)



Course Description:

Prerequisites: None
Description: This overview course explores the broad topic of business analytics by focusing on the tools important to better identify and communicate valuable insights and to facilitate the flow of analytics information within an organization. Through hands-on projects and interactive classes, students will learn the foundations of analytics, including preparing, managing, exploring, and analyzing data and communicating results to executives using effective language and visualizations. This course is less about building models (e.g. optimization or predictive models) and more about practical business analysis and communication of results. Those successfully completing the course should feel comfortable identifying meaningful patterns and communicating clear results to facilitate decision making across many areas of business (3 credit hours).