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Agenda Item FA 16-31

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Doctoral) - (School of Nursing):

Course Changes & Programs of Study (1 package)

09/01/16: Passed

09/09/16: Approved

Log Number: 201601-22

School of Nursing – Doctoral

Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program
Doctor of Nursing Practice - Nursing Major Nurse Practitioner (Family) Concentration

Summary of the Changes:

We would like to move current course within the program of study for the BSN-DNP NP (nurse practitioner) tract. The credit hours of 84 remain the same. The changes based on faculty and student recommendations. The changes are:
Move NGR 6673 Principles of Epidemiology for Advanced Practice from semester 2 to semester 4
Change NGR 7843 Statistical Interpretation for Advanced Practice from semester 5 to semester 2
Change NGR 6894 Global Health Care and Culture from semester 4 to semester 5
Changing the variable credit hours for NGR 7946 Residency in Advanced Practice from 3-9 credits to 1-6 credits.
All of the course changes were previously made in Log # 201601-21, except for the variable credit hours to NUR 7946 Residency in Advanced Practice.
(Click here for the program of study)

Change an existing course

Residency in ANP


Doctorate (7xxx)


Change the variable credit hours from 3-9 credits to 1-6 hours for NGR 7946 Residency in Advanced Nursing Practice. The rationale is that this course was changed in the approved Program of Study for BSN-DNP NP tract to be 2 credits each semester taken. However, the course was listed as 3-9 variable credits, when it should be 1-6 variable credit hours to accommodate the current POS. The reason that we would like it listed as 6 maximum credits is because the BSN-DNP NAP tract takes the course for 6 credit hours each semester taken.
New Course Description:

This is a clinically based practicum course. Doctoral students will, with advisor approval, construct a learning contract that will detail the acquisition of a new or higher level of clinical skill for which they were not fully prepared at the masters level. Skills acquisition will be conducted under the direction of a qualified expert preceptor. This is a variable credit course, which is repeatable for a 6 credit maximum.
Course Fees: $120.13.