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Agenda Item FA 16-40

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

REQUEST: To change the name from “Coastal Biology Flagship Program to “Coastal and Marine Biology Flagship Program.”

10/06/16: Passed

10/24/16: Approved

REQUEST:  To change the name from “Coastal Biology Flagship Program” 
to “Coastal and Marine Biology Flagship Program.”  



August 29, 2016


Gordon F. M. Rakita, Chair
Faculty Affairs Committee


Cliff Ross, Chair
College of Arts and Sciences

Biology Department


RE: Name Change to  Coastal Biology Program



The Department of Biology would like to change the name of the “Coastal Biology Flagship Program” to the “Coastal and Marine Biology Flagship Program”. The rationale behind this decision is really two-fold:   


  1.  The change in name more accurately reflects the work that is performed by UNF Coastal Biology faculty, which conduct research on   both coastal (that is, estuarine or nearshore) and marine (that is, pelagic and deep sea) ecosystems.  
  2.  The change in name is intended to improve undergraduate recruitment.  For example, high school students interested in receiving degrees in this field typically search for schools that offer degrees in “Marine Biology” rather than “Coastal Biology”.  Internet searches using the phrase “Marine Biology” do not generally identify UNF as a potential college destination.  In addition, the name change will reduce student confusion about what “Coastal Biology” refers to, a problem that both Biology faculty and UNF Admission staff have encountered when promoting the program to prospective students.