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Agenda Item FA 17-37

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards Revision

05/11/17: Passed

05/17/17: Approved

Faculty Association
Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards

(Changes are in italics and bold of underline with yellow highlighted.)

Adding the words “and their impact” after accomplishment in scholarship
for the Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards

The University of North Florida wishes to recognize faculty members who perform meritoriously in scholarship. Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards are made possible through unrestricted gifts to the University of North Florida Foundation. The University of North Florida has allocated the available funds for this fiscal year in the following manner:

The award winners will be determined in the Spring 2017 semester and each will receive an honorarium of $2,500, which will be distributed by electronic transfer, and a commemorative plaque. Awards will be presented at the Fall Convocation and electronic transfer made near that date. The award is funded by the UNF Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to not provide the monetary award to any winner who is not a UNF employee at the time if the Fall convocation, when the award is made.


Friday, January (TBD), 2017 at 5:00 PM



Any full time member of the University of North Florida faculty who has seven years of full-time regular employment at the University is eligible to be considered for an Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award. Time served in visiting and adjunct positions does not count toward eligibility.
No winner of an Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award shall be eligible to win another Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award until the
*__* FIFTH year following recognition of the receipt of the last award.


Any person within the University community (students, alumni, faculty, staff, or administration) may nominate a faculty member for the award. Nominations must be in writing and signed by the nominator, sent via Email to, or posted through the Faculty Association website at Written nominations are to be delivered, preferably by hand, to the Faculty Association office (Honors Hall/1120). The deadline for receipt of all nominations is Friday, January (TBD), 2015 at 5:00 p.m. It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that his/her nomination is delivered prior to the deadline. The nomination should consist simply of the statement, "I wish to nominate ___________ for the Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards." An argument on behalf of, or a rationale for, the candidacy of the nominee is not needed.

The Faculty Association President shall confirm the eligibility of each nominee and send a letter of confirmation of the nomination to each eligible nominee and his/her chair, after the close of nominations. 

If you are nominated, please do not forward any application materials to the Faculty Association office until you receive a letter from the Faculty Association President confirming your eligibility.



Nominee Applications

Each eligible nominee must submit a five-page curriculum vita, which includes educational background, current position at UNF, other awards received for scholarship, and a succinct listing of scholarly accomplishments. In addition, each nominee must submit a three-page summary and discussion of what he/she feels is his/her most significant activities and accomplishments in scholarship and their impact.  *The materials submitted can include accomplishments occurring during the faculty member's entire career at the University of North Florida; however, once a person has won the award, submitted materials can include only accomplishments occurring since the last award.* A signed statement by the faculty member attesting to the accuracy of the information (see attached form, "Statements of Accuracy") must also be included in the packet. There shall be no more than a total of nine pages in the packet. Standard margins and a font size of no smaller than 11 point are to be used.

The nominees have two weeks from the date of notification to email all required application materials to the Faculty Association:  Nominees must consolidate all of the application materials into ONE PDF file, which must be attached to your email.

The application materials should consist only of the following items, arranged in the order indicated below: 

  1. The signed statement of accuracy.
  2. The vita (not more than five pages).
  3. Summary and discussion of scholarly accomplishments. 


Nominees who submit materials that do not meet these guidelines, or who fail to submit all materials by email to the Faculty Association Email Address( by 5:00 p.m. on Monday of February (TBD) will not be considered further.




The Selection Committee will consist of one elected representative from each of the five colleges and the current President of the Faculty Association. Relatives of a nominee, and significant others, may not serve on the Selection Committee considering the nominee for an award. The Faculty Association President shall replace, by appointment, any member of the Selection Committee who cannot participate fully in the selection of the three winners; and any such replacement shall be selected from the constituency represented by the member. The Faculty Association President shall convene the Committee, which will elect its own Chairperson.

The Selection Committee will choose the award winners through a secret ballot vote. The Committee shall make this choice solely on the basis of the nominees' merits and without consideration for other factors such as departmental affiliation, professional rank of present nominees, or past award winners.

The Committee does have the prerogative not to recommend three winners for the award if, in the members' judgments, the nominee pool does not contain three individuals whose accomplishments merit an Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award.

It will be the responsibility of the University Selection Committee chairperson to notify by letter any finalists who have not been selected after the committee has concluded its deliberations. The Chairperson of the University Selection Committee will also send a letter via the Faculty Association to the Office of Academic Affairs identifying the three (3) winners of the Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Awards. Winners of the Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award shall be notified by a letter signed jointly by the chairperson of the selection committee and President of the Faculty Association.  Formal recognition of winners shall occur at the UNF Fall Convocation.







Faculty Association



I, _______________________________________________________ (applicant's name), confirm my submitted
application meet the above listed requirements. 
I understand if my application does not meet the above
requirements, it will not be reviewed.  I also
hereby attest to the accuracy of the information contained in
this application.


Full Name:      ______________________________________________________________

              N#      _____________________

Title: ____________________________________________

Department:   ______________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________ 

Signature: ____________________________








*__* FA 13-14:
For all award categories (with the exception of Distinguished Professor, which once received cannot be reapplied for), when a previous award winner wishes to reapply for the same award, she/he may present evidence that runs
from the end of the academic period covered for the applicant’s previous award, to the end of the most recent academic year in which the applicant is reapplying.  For all award categories, a first-time applicant for an award may present evidence of desert beginning from the start of her/his UNF career.


Update on 9/2/2015 for the clarification of timing for the honorarium distribution and language by the Faculty Affairs Committee.
FA 13-14: March 7, 2013 - The Unification of Faculty Award Timing *__*
Update on 2/2/2012 for no of awardees increase & the fund amount from $2,000.00 to $2,500.00
Update on 11/22/2011 for the Blackboard purpose
FA 07-04: February 1, 2007 - Chairperson's Signature for The Faculty Awards
FA 98-46: November 5, 1998