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Agenda Item FA 17-30

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Undergraduate) - (Management):

New Course (1 package)

05/11/17: Passed

05/17/17: Approved

Log Number: 201701-27      Management – Undergraduate

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Service Operations Management (3crs)


Senior (4xxx)


“MAN3504: Operations Management”

Course Description:

The services sector of our economy continues to grow, and by some estimates, it currently makes up about 70% to 80% of the nation’s GDP and employs about the same percentage of workforce. This class is focused on important operations management issues faced in services in various industries. Major topics include 1] service design considerations for quality, customers and employees etc. and 2] issues related to delivery of service such as waiting line studies, managing service expectations, yield management etc. We would consider various industries such as hospitality, restaurants, retail, healthcare etc. in public, private and the not-for-profit sectors of the economy. The various quantitative and qualitative frameworks would strive towards achieving high-quality, customer focused profitable services.