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Agenda Item FA 17-12

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Undergraduate) – (Management)

New Courses, New Minors, & Program of Study (2 packages)

03/02/17: Passed

03/09/17: Approved

Log Number: 201608-15

Management – Undergraduate

Add a new minor
Minor in Operations Management for Non-Management Majors

Summary of the Changes:

The demand for operations knowledge and skills from a manufacturing, service and disaster management perspective in Florida and north east Florida in particular has increased. The proposed minor is intended to meet this need. A new course will specifically address the disaster management perspective and needs in Florida in general and north east Florida in particular. We will also develop a course with focus on operations in the increasingly growing service industry.
(Click here for the program of study)

Add a new course

Disaster Management and Humanitarian Operations (3 crs)


Senior (4xxx)


"MAN3504: Operations Management"

Course Description:

In this course we will learn how operations management can help populations affected by disasters, both locally (disaster management) and internationally (humanitarian operations). Disaster management aims to prepare for and respond to disasters. Florida is recognized nationwide for the expertise of its disaster management organizations and institutions. In the second part of the course we take an international approach. Governments and local communities in many developing countries do not have the resources needed to handle the consequences of disasters. They rely on the help from international humanitarian organizations who bring food, medicines and shelters to victims of disasters. This course will provide students with the basic skills and understanding needed to work in disaster management or international humanitarian operations.



Log Number: 201608-32

Management – Undergraduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program
Bachelor of Business Administration – Business Management Major

Summary of the Changes:

The management faculty proposes to remove MAN 4583 Project Management (3 Credits) from the current list of major required courses and replacing this course with an elective course. Replacing MAN 4583 with an elective will change the management required course list from three electives to four electives. In addition, we propose to consolidate the current terminology for major elective courses as currently presented in the catalog to a single statement of "Select four 3000/4000 level MAN courses," which Includes any course with a MAN/GEB/ISM/BUL prefix. MAN 4583 will continue to be offered as an elective course and there are no changes to the major requirements credit hours (30 hours).
The primary purpose for expanding the number of electives from three to four is to allow students the option of pursuing one of several minors to be added to the management degree program, but this change also brings the management degree requirements more in line with other management programs in the SUS and allows greater flexibility in course scheduling for students for degree completion.
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