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Agenda Item FA 17-11

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) – (Psychology)

Course Change & Program of Study (1 package)

03/02/17: Passed

03/07/17: Approved

Log Number: 201608-77

Psychology - Graduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program
Master of Science – Psychological Science Major

Summary of the Changes:

Update the PoS for the Masters of Science program in Psychological Science in the following ways:
1) REMOVE the PSY6932 (St: Seminar in Psychological Science, 3 credit hours) - This change is to allow students to take an elective (see #2)
2) ADD an Elective option (3 credit hours) to enhance students' professional development; develop their research interests; gain Practicum experience; and build their knowledge in preparation for a PhD program.
The Elective may be one of the following
• Cross-posted courses in Psy, including the Practicum course (an email will be sent to all MPC students identifying these courses)
• Cross-posted courses in other departments
In all instances, students will be required to provide the MPC director with 250 words justified how the chosen Elective will enhance their professional development.
3) CHANGE the credit hours of PSY6217 (Research Design and Analysis II) from 4 credit hours to 3 credit hours
4) CHANGE the credit hours of PSY6973 (Thesis C) from 3 credit hours to 4 credit hours in the PoS. This is already a variable credit course (1-6 credits) in the catalog. Students will first take this as a 4 credit course (as indicated in the attached PoS) with the option of taking it as a 1 credit course in subsequent semesters if they do not successfully complete this course.
5) REMOVE the option to take PSY6910 (Supervised Research, 3 Credits) twice in the catalog, although they have the option to take this again as an Elective
6) CHANGE the order that some of the courses appear in the catalog - the courses to be moved are: SOP6069 Advanced Social Psychology (3 Credits) and PSB6031 Advanced Biopsychology (3 Credits)
These changes do not affect the total program credit hours.
The attached PoS includes changes approved in recent previous packages (but not yet shown on the current online catalog):
*201508-132: Add a New Course: Research Design and Analysis I
*201601-29 Change name of Masters degree from General Psychology to Psychological Science
*201601-31 Create a new course for the Masters of Science in Psychology program - Thesis C

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Change an existing course

Research Design and Analysis II


Graduate (6xxx)


As PSY6217 is now part of a 2-course sequence (Package Log 201508-132), we are reducing the course credit hours from 4 credit hours to 3credit hours to accurately reflect the course content and workload.