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Agenda Item FA 16-42R (2nd Reading)

Submitted by the Executive Committee

SECOND READING: Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Addition of New Article Proposal

No Confidence Process

02/02/17: 1st Reading

03/02/17: 2nd Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading


Addition of New Article Proposal – No Confidence Process 


No Confidence Process


If 40 members of the Faculty Association (as defined in Article III, Section 1), with membership from at least two different colleges (including the library), seek to conduct a survey of faculty confidence in the University President or a Vice President, they may approach the UNF Faculty Association President with a petition for such a survey. (The Faculty Association President must be able to identify and verify the names on the petition. The petition may be subject to a public records request.) The Faculty Association President will then conduct a survey of the faculty, ensuring confidentiality of participants. The Faculty Association President will report both to the University Faculty and to the Chair of the Board of Trustees (a) the total number of survey participants and (b) the number of responses for and against. No more than one such expression of confidence shall be conducted for any one administrator within a twelve month period.


Amendment of Bylaws



These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by two-thirds of the votes cast, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing to the membership at the previous regular meeting.