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Agenda Item FA 16-49

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Undergraduate) – (School of Computing)

Course Change (1 package)

12/01/16: Passed

12/08/16: Approved

Log Number: 201601-32

School of Computing – Undergraduate

Change an existing course

Legal & Ethical Iss in Comput


Junior (3xxx)


Request to change the prerequisite requirement for CIS 3253 Legal and Ethical Issues. The current prerequisite includes the following: COP 3503 Computer Science II OR COP 2551 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. Requesting to change the prerequisite requirement to: COP 2220 Computer Science I OR COP 2551. The prerequisite change will allow CS and IT students to take CIS 3253 in Computing earlier in their tracks with one programming language course similar to Information Systems students in the school of Computing. Only one programming language course is needed to teach CIS 3253. Also, the change will better align the CIS 3253 course with the program of study completed by most transfer students. Will not change the credit hours for the CIS program degree tracks.