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Agenda Item FA 16-47

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) – (Biology)

New Course, Course Change, & Program of Study (2 packages)

12/01/16: Passed

12/08/16: Approved

Log Number: 201605-10

Biology – Graduate

Add a new course

Advanced Histological Techniques Lab (2 crs)


Beginning graduate (5xxx)



"ZOO5754: Advanced Histology"

Course Description:

Co-requisite: ZOO5754 Advanced Histology (lecture). This course focuses on the structure and function of cells comprising healthy tissues and organs. Lecture topics will be integrated into the laboratory through histological diagnostics at the light microscope-level. Students will analyze prepared microscope slides of tissues and organs. The laboratory also involves resection of murine tissues, comparative processing and preparation of microscope slides, immunohistochemistry, epifluorescent microscopy and digital photography and processing of final images. A lab fee is assessed. Graduate standing and instructor permission required.


Log Number: 201605-11

Biology – Graduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program
Master of Science--Biology Major

Summary of the Changes:

Three actions are requested as part of this package.
1) Modify the degree prerequisites for the program. This change removes references to UNF specific courses, and replaces them with a more broad requirement for overall biology coursework. The following eight courses are to be removed: CHM2210 Organic Chemistry I (3 credits), CHM2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1 Credit), CHM2211 Organic Chemistry II (3 Credits), CHM2211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1 Credit), MAC2241 Calculus for Biology (4 credits), PCB3043C Principles of Ecology (4 Credits), PCB 3063C Genetics (4 credits), STA2014 Elementary Statistics for Health and Social Sciences (3 Credits). The following statement will be ADDED: An undergraduate degree in Biology or an undergraduate degree in a related field and 12 credit hours of upper level undergraduate biology courses.
2) Modify ZOO5754C Advanced Histology (4 credits), to no longer be a lab combined course. The new course will be ZOO5754 Advanced Histology (3 credits) and will be paired with a newly created course ZOO5754L Advanced Histological Techniques Lab (2 credits). The lab course is created in a separate package (Log 201605-10).
3) Add the existing course MCB5203 Pathogenic Bacteriology (3 credits) to the program of study.

(Click here for the program of study)

Change an existing course

Advanced Histology


Beginning graduate (5xxx)

754 C

The Biology faculty requests that the course ZOO5754C Advanced Histology (4 credits) be modified to ZOO5754 Advanced Histology (3 credits). The lab will be created as it's own course with the lecture as a co-requisite, in a separate package (log 201605-10).

New Course Description:

Co-requisite: ZOO754L Advanced Histological Techniques. This course focuses on the structure and function of cells comprising healthy tissues and organs. Students will learn to identify all major cell types and their functions in the human body. Lecture material will include an organ system approach to the human body including molecules to organ systems. Graduate students will review current primary literature in histology. Requires graduate standing and permission of the instructor.