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Agenda Item FA 16-45

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Education and Human Services (Graduate) – (Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management)

New Degree Program Request -Proposal for Specialist in Ed Leadership (Ed. S.) Degree – Educational Leadership Major (1 package)

12/01/16: Passed

12/08/16: Approved

01/10/17: UBOT

Log Number: 201608-19

New Degree Program Request:

Proposal for Specialist in Ed Leadership (Ed. S.) Degree –
Educational Leadership Major
- Graduate

Log Number: 201608-19

Summary of the Changes:

This is a proposal to create a new Educational Specialist (Ed.S). in Educational Leadership. The Ed.S. in Educational Leadership would include a total of 36 credits above the masters’ level. The overall purpose of the Ed.S. in Educational Leadership is the development of leadership knowledge, theory, and practice situated around local community and organizational contexts. As a program nested within the existing Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership, this Education Specialist (Ed.S.) program is developed for students who currently hold leadership positions within their organizations and/or communities and are interested in a rigorous practitioner-oriented, post-Master’s degree to enhance their effectiveness in their organizations and communities. More specifically, the Ed.S. in Leadership program is designed to: 1) support the development of student understanding of how change occurs for individuals, organizations, and communities; 2) deepen student practical, theoretical, and research knowledge regarding how leaders can work effectively with others to support those change processes; and 3) nurture student development of skills and practices needed to support and lead efforts for organizational and community change. This Ed.S. would be comprised of a common core set of 11 courses (the current Ed.D. courses and sequence) plus a directed capstone individualized Independent Study and Research course (EDA 7905) which would be planned with a faculty advisor and designed to nurture student development as leaders who can better support changes within themselves, their organizations, and their communities. The Ed.S. in Educational Leadership will represent a clear option for students at the University of North Florida who desire to develop their leadership knowledge, skills, practices, and disposition but do not currently have a compelling professional need for the design and implementation of a rigorous research dissertation process and product, the process that serves as a capstone activity and product to the current Ed.D. Program. No additional faculty lines have been requested and no additional faculty resources are required to establish and maintain this degree. Costs include current faculty, including two visiting professors and adjuncts. No additional library resources are required. 
(Specialist in Ed Leadership –Educational Leadership Proposal Attachment)