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Agenda Item FA 17-22

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Graduate) – (School of Engineering/Civil Engineering)

New Course & Program of Study Changes (1 package)

04/06/17: Passed

04/10/17: Approved

Log Number: 201701-10

School of Engineering/Civil Engineering – Graduate

Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program
Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Civil Engineering Major

Summary of the Changes:

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) has been increasingly used in Civil Engineering and a highly sought after skill set by many employers. Students from all civil engineering sub-disciplines will benefit from taking this proposed elective, CGN 5XXX Advanced GIS Applications in Civil Engineering. There is sufficient interest in our graduate student population to learn advanced skills on spatial data analysis using GIS.
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Add a new course

Advanced GIS Applications in Civil Engineering (3crs)


Beginning graduate (5xxx)



Course Description:

The course covers GIS principles and applications used in civil engineering. The focus of this course is to learn how to use GIS tools in solving various civil engineering problems. Students will be introduced to geographic coordinate systems and map projects, learn how to create shapefiles, develop geodatabases, and learn how to create models by integrating spatial databases.