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Agenda Item FA 15-25

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Undergraduate) - (Management)

Programs of Study changes (1 package)

09/03/15: Passed

09/15/15: Approved

Log Number: 201501-25

Management – Undergraduate

Add a new minor                        
BBA Minor in Management


Summary of the Changes:

There is demand for a BBA Minor in Management that would allow undergraduates from colleges outside the Coggin College of Business to earn a minor in Business, namely management, that does not require extensive

pre-requisites. It allows our UNF students the opportunity to become more versatile in conjunction with their major degrees.
To earn the minor, the Department of Management has identified one required course, MAN 3025, plus three other upper level MAN, ISM and BUL courses at the 3000 or 4000 level. This will not require any additional resources nor elimination of existing courses.