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Agenda Item FA 15-22

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Graduate - Doctoral) - (School of Nursing)

New Degree Program Request – Proposal for Doctor of Nursing Practice NAP (Nurse Anesthetist) Major (1 package)

09/03/15: Passed

09/11/15: Approved

10/15/15: UBOT

11/05/15: BOG

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Log Number: 201505-2

New Degree Program Request: 


Proposal for Doctor of Nursing Practice NAP (Nurse Anesthetist) Major - Doctoral

Summary of the Changes:
We are elevating the current BSN-DNP program from a concentration for Nurse Anesthetist to a Major program. We are not changing any course content; there will be no change in course faculty, resources or credit hours. We have attached the request to offer a new degree program proposal required by the BOG. In addition, we have attached letters of support, budget, consultants’ reports, and faculty vitas. We are requesting this in order to more closely measure outcomes of the program.
(Doctor of Nurse Anesthetist Proposal Attachment)