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Agenda Item FA 15-33

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Undergraduate) – (School of Computing & School of Engineering/Civil)

New Course and Programs of Study change (2 packages)

10/01/15: Passed

10/08/15: Approved

Log Number: 201501-8

School of Computing – Undergraduate


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Current Trends in Computing Technology (1 cr)


Junior (3xxx)


Junior Standing as a Computing Major or Minor

Course Description:

Prerequisite: Junior Standing as a Computing Major or Minor
Since the field of computing is ever-changing, it is important to keep oneself attuned to the latest developments in-field. This course will expose students to careers and current trends in technology. This course will make extensive use of guest lecturers that work in the field of computing from area employers. These lecturers will discuss the latest trends in technology that affect their organizations, and also provide students with a unique insight into careers available in the field of computing.


Log Number: 201501-24

School of Engineering/Civil – Undergraduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program                       
Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering Major

Summary of the Changes:
This course has been previously taught as an undergraduate course under the special topics category. This course is also being taught at the graduate level - CWR5824.
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Coastal & Estuarine Hydrodynamics (3 crs)


Senior (4xxx)


"CWR3201: Fluid Mechanics"
AND "MAP2302: (GM) Ordinary Differ Equations"

Course Description:

Linear wave theory is introduced at the beginning of the course. Other topics to be covered are: nearshore wave processes, the physics of longwave hydrodynamics, and estuarine processes. The course culminates with an application of coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics. The prerequisites are CWR3201 - Fluid Mechanics and MAP2302 - (GM) Ordinary Differential Equations.