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Agenda Item FA 15-45

Submitted by the Research Council

UNF Summer Scholarship Grants Proposed Policy- 12-Month Faculty

11/05/15: Passed

11/12/15: Approved

UNF Summer Scholarship Grants Proposed Policy – 12-Month Faculty 



The Research Council recommend that the Summer Scholarship Grants, beginning October 2016, permanent, 12-month faculty may apply for individual UNF Summer Scholarship grants under the following conditions:

(i) they are not allowed to use the funds for the faculty member’s salary;
(ii) they have to get permission from their Dean for their proposed use of funds; and
(iii) they must have a research component to their job assignment.

For Reference:

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Faculty Development Grants (Scholarship) are provided by the Office of Academic Affairs to support research, scholarship, and creative activities. Academic Affairs regards it as important for the well being of the university that these grants be widely distributed across the university’s disciplines, and that their use benefits the reputation of the university as well as the individual scholar or artist. As the program name suggests, Academic Affairs regards these grants as seed funding for developing new lines of inquiry, whether for collecting and analyzing pilot data, writing and publishing original scholarship, experimenting with innovative forms of creative expression, and/or preparing proposals for external funding. Academic Affairs is additionally interested in recognizing the value of faculty working with colleagues outside of their discipline or college. To encourage that collaborative desire, additional funding is available for interdisciplinary projects.


The grant program will provide support in the amount of $7,500 per funded individual project, or $10,000 each for up to three faculty members working together on selected interdisciplinary projects. Funds can be used to pay a stipend to faculty member(s) or can be used for travel, materials, student assistance, or other expenses related to project activities (see budget form for restrictions). To provide grant recipients with the greatest flexibility to achieve their goals, funds may be used any time from July 1, 2016 through the 2016–2017 academic year.




While applications are encouraged from junior faculty and faculty beginning new projects, all tenured faculty and tenure-earning faculty are eligible, subject to the restrictions below:

  • Only tenured/tenure-track faculty are eligible for Scholarship grants. Grants may be held while on sabbatical; they may not be held while on leave of absence without pay. 
  • Faculty who have been awarded a Faculty Development Grant of any kind (Scholarship, Teaching, and/or Proposal Development) over the past two consecutive years must wait a year to be considered for another Faculty Development Grant of any kind. 
  • NEW FOR NEXT YEAR: In April 2015, the Faculty Association approved the following restriction on eligibility: Scholarship Grants are limited for faculty who already have received a previous award. Assistant Professors are allowed to receive a Scholarship Grant once every 2 years, Associate Professors once every 3 years, and Full Professors once every 4 years. This will not impact this year’s eligibility, but will be implemented in 2016.
  • Applicants also must be nine-month in-unit faculty at time of application, and not otherwise already receiving guaranteed/endowed stipends/salary supplements to support their scholarly activities. 
  • Faculty (in-unit, out-of-unit, or non-UNF) otherwise ineligible due to any of the preceding requirements are welcome to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects and may be listed as participants, but can not be included in the calculation of the funding for the grant. Ineligible faculty on interdisciplinary projects are not allowed to receive salary from the grant funds, but may be involved in other grant expenditures (e.g., supplies, travel). 
  • Faculty who have previously received a Faculty Development Grant and who have not submitted a final or interim report satisfying the reporting requirements are ineligible.
  • Faculty who intend to terminate employment or leave UNF, or faculty who are on administrative leave or terminal notice and will not receive a contract during the next academic year, are ineligible. Except in extenuating circumstances, failure to remain at UNF for at least one academic year following the award will require grant repayment.
  • Faculty who intend to use the funds for summer salary will agree to teach no more than four credit hours. It is acceptable to teach in any one summer term (i.e., Summer A, B, or C) and still receive a Faculty Development Grant. 
  • Faculty can only submit one application per category (Teaching or Scholarship). Only one Faculty Development Grant from either category will be awarded per person.
  • Interdisciplinary projects must cross two or more departments. While inter-collegiate projects are favored, projects that cross departments within a college are also eligible.
  • Research Council members cannot apply for a Scholarship grant during their term on the committee, but may apply for a Teaching Grant.