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Agenda Item FA 15-44

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

ISQ Timing

11/05/15: Passed

11/12/15: Disapproved

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ISQ Timing 

The Faculty Affairs Committee raised the issue of timing of deployment for the ISQs in the summer. Students can complete ISQ after final exams, and thus they know their final grade while filling out ISQs (in Summer B).  ISQ can be completed before the end of the withdrawal period (in Summer A). If a student is failing and drops, but completes the ISQ before she/he withdraws, the results may skew.


The Faculty Affairs Committee proposed adjusting the time. ISQs are open to be completed be from the day after the withdrawal date to prior to the last day of class.  Further it was recommended that if the language in the new CBA is an impediment, than that language be amended.