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Agenda Item FA 15-42 (1st Reading)

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: FIRST READING

Faculty Affairs Committee Charge Update Proposal

11/05/15: 1st Reading

12/03/15: 2nd Reading

 Faculty Affairs Committee Charge Changes Proposal

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading

Faculty Affairs Committee Charge Changes Proposal

The committee voted to amend its charge to reflect name changes in the Faculty Commons (to Faculty Lounge) and removes BOR/UFF by adding Collective Bargaing.


Section 4.  – F. 


The Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) shall review and recommend policies and practices with regard to faculty assignments and released time, faculty evaluation, promotion and tenure, ethics, affirmative action, academic freedom and teaching issues; the organization and/or re-organization of academic units; the use of the Faculty CommonsFaculty Lounge; and such other matters that customarily concern the regular faculty. The Committee shall approve all proposed recipients of honorary degrees from the University. The Committee shall also review, on request, unresolved differences between regular faculty members and the administration and make appropriate recommendations, except in instances that are clear violations of the BOR/UFFCollective Bargaining Agreement and are addressable through the grievance process.