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Agenda Item FA 15-37

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate)- (Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, School of Music, & Political Science & Public Administration)

New Courses, Course Changes, & Programs of Study (4 packages)

11/05/15: Passed

11/17/15: Approved

Log Number: 201508-1

Languages, Literatures and Cultures – Undergraduate


Add a new course

Introduction to Electronic Textual Editing (3 crs)


Junior (3xxx)



Course Description:

This workshop-style course introduces students to methods of Digital Humanities research through hands-on work in the transcription/digitization, regularization, and encoding of manuscript or rare print texts. Students may also annotate and/or compose introductions to the texts in question, a process which may involve historical and/or bibliographical research. Specific requirements will vary by term, according to the particular material under consideration. Students’ work may eventually form part of online publications carried out in collaboration with the Thomas Carpenter Library or other institutions. Students will be graded on their participation in course sessions, on the quality of their editorial work, and on oral presentations and reflective writing assignments in which they will synthesize their learning.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.


Log Number: 201508-23

School of Music – Undergraduate


Change an existing course

Opera Workshop (Opera Ensemble)


Junior (3xxx)


This request is to change MUO 3503: Opera Ensemble (formerly Opera Workshop - see package #201501-12) from a fixed credit course to a variable credit course by creating a 0-credit option. By creating a 0-credit option (in addition to the current 1-credit option), students in the Bachelor of Music Performance program who have already met the opera ensemble requirement for their degree may continue to register for this course without incurring the Excess Hour Surcharge. This change will not affect the Program of Study or the credit hours for any degree.

Log Number: 201508-24

School of Music – Undergraduate  


Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate - Certificate Music Program

Summary of the Changes:
This package seeks to revise the Certificate Requirements for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Music Performance. The Certificate Requirements that are currently provided in the catalog were based on this being a two-year program. They state that the certificate is 48 credits, but do not actually list any specific requirements. The revised Certificate Requirements, which have been attached, change this to a one-year program that requires a minimum of 8 music credits (plus performance requirements). They also specify what the requirements actually are. In addition, the name of the major has been changed from "Certificate Music Program" to "Performers Certificate Program" in order to specify that this is a degree in music performance. Since many of the students who participate in this program are international, having more detailed Certificate Requirements provided in the catalog will expedite the visa process both for students and for the UNF International Center.

(Click here for the program of study)


Log Number: 201508-6

Political Science and Public Administration  – Undergraduate


Change an existing course

Third World Politics


Senior (4XXX)


I am requesting that CPO4034, which is currently listed as "Third World Politics," be renamed to the more appropriately titled, "Politics of Developing Countries." The term "Third World" is no longer relevant; it referred to a tertiary distinction during the Cold War era in which the world was roughly divided among the Western "first world" (i.e. US, Canada, Western Europe), the Communist Bloc "second world" (i.e. USSR, China, and Cuba), and remaining non-aligned countries known as the "third world." Given that we are decades removed from the end of the Cold War, our courses should reflect the current state of affairs. The University of Florida has termed CPO4034 "Politics of Developing Nations." It is important that this course is described in line with current standards in scholarship and practice so as to avoid any confusion when students are enrolling in classes. This change will also require that the course description be altered accordingly. 

New Course Description:

Prerequisite: CPO2002 or consent of instructor. The subject of this course is political and economic development among countries within the developing world, emphasizing the economic, social, and psychological conditions affecting their political and economic status.