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Agenda Item FA 15-35

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate - New Degree Program Request) – (Communication)

Proposal for Master of Science – Communication Management Major (1 package)

11/05/15: Passed

11/12/15: Approved

01/12/16: UBOT

Log Number: 201501-43

New Degree Program Request:

Add a new degree-major program
Proposal for Master of Science - Communication Management Major - Graduate

Summary of the Changes:
We propose an interdisciplinary M.S. in Communication Management. The Department of Communication will provide the core courses, and students will choose from one of five concentrations, which will come from the Coggin College of Business, the MPA program of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, the College of Education and Human Services, and the Brooks College of Health. The 12-credit concentrations will be: Business, Nonprofit Management, Public Management, Leadership, and Public Health. The M.S. in Communication Management will be 36 hours in total and will include a thesis option and an applied research project option. The M.S. in Communication Management will be focused on teaching students how to be managers/leaders in communication companies (such as a public relations firms, advertising agencies, news outlets, or production companies). In addition, M.S. in Communication Management graduates can find employment in leadership positions at government agencies, healthcare companies, and businesses that have an in-house public relations/public information department. The M.S. in Communication Management can also prepare students for doctoral programs. Student will learn media management, strategy, metrics, economics, and business/communication ethical and legal issues. Interviews and surveys of alumni, students, and the Department of Communication’s Professional Advisory Board indicate high demand for the M.S. in Communication Management. No new lines are requested. No additional library resources are needed. Costs include money for several adjuncts to cover undergraduate classes currently being taught by faculty designated to teach classes in the M.S. in Communication Management.
(Master of Science in Communication Management Proposal Attachment)