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Agenda Item FA 16-25

Submitted by the Executive Committee

Faculty Association Resolution on Smoking on Campus

05/12/16: Passed

Whereas, UNF declared itself a “smoke-free” campus in the Fall of 2015,

Whereas, UNF volunteers picked up over 11,000 cigarette butts on campus in the Fall of 2015 in “Swoopin’ up the butts” events,

Whereas, smoking can still be witnessed regularly in many locations on UNF’s campus,

Whereas, for example, UCF has prominent signage declaring itself smoke-free,

Whereas, FIU and FGCU have enforcement policies in place for their no-smoking policies,

Be It Hereby Resolved that the UNF Faculty Association requests that the administration put prominent no-smoking signage in place on campus, provide for enforcement of the policy, and otherwise see to it that the smoke-free policy is obeyed by all on our campus.