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Agenda Item FA 16-13

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) – (Criminology & Criminal Justice)

New Courses & Program of Study (1 packages)

03/03/16: Passed

Log Number: 201508-109

Criminology and Criminal Justice – Graduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program                       
MS in Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice Major 

Summary of the Changes:
The proposed modifications bring the UNF MSCJ program in line with peer Criminology and Criminal Justice Programs around the country and in the State University System where the norm is to have either four or five core courses. The total semester credit hours for the program is 33 credit hours. The proposed change reduces required courses in the core from 21 to 12 hours and consequently increase hours in electives from 6 to 15. Requested modifications require moving four courses from the core to electives. The four courses to be moved to electives are: 1) CCJ 6XXX History and Philosophy of Corrections (course CCJ 6XXX has been approved in APC (see APC reference number 201501-17) but is listed as 6XXX because the department is awaiting the assignment of a permanent number); 2) CJE 6329 Police Effectiveness; 3) CJL 6026 Issues in Law and Justice Process; and 4) CCJ 6639 Issues in Soc Criminal Justice. Requested modifications require adding one new course to the core: CCJ 6XXX Administration of Justice. An Administration of Justice course will interface concerns about coverage of the broader operation of the criminal justice system. This type of course for Administration of Justice is in line with peer programs. Within the prerequisite courses, SYA 3300 Logic of Inquiry and STA 2014 Elementary Statistics for Health and Social Sciences are no longer required because they are not specific to the discipline of Criminology and Criminal Justice. CCJ 3014 Criminological Theory and CCJ 3700 Research Methods in Criminal Justice remain as prerequisites. The total semester credit hours for the MSCJ program will not change remaining as 33 credit hours.

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Add a new course

Administration of Justice (3 crs)


Graduate (6xxx)



Course Description:

This course covers contemporary concepts, principles and theories of organization and administration as they relate to criminal justice agencies. The historical development and modern practices of policy administration are also considered. Significant attention will be placed on understanding the theories of administration. The emphasis of this course will be the application of administrative theory to criminal justice organizations and contexts. Areas of theoretical discourse covered will include classical/neo- classical, principles of administration, human resources, systems, cultural reform, and sense-making. Additional readings will provide examples of the application of administrative theories to criminal justice organizations and contexts.