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Agenda Item FA 16-05

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Undergraduate) – (Construction Management):

New Course, Courses Changes, & Program of Study (4 packages)

01/07/16: Passed

01/13/16: Approved

Log Number: 201508-53

Construction Management – Undergraduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program                        
Bachelor of Science – Building Construction Major

Summary of the Changes:
The Construction Management department is modifying the degree program to require all students to take ENC3250 Professional Communications (3 credit hours). This class satisfies the one credit hour of General Education oral communications required by our accrediting bodies ACCE and ABET. This doesn’t change the total credit hours of the program.


Log Number: 201508-54

Construction Management – Undergraduate

Change an existing course

Construction Techniques


Junior (3xxx)


Remove BCN 3223 Soils and Foundations as a prerequisite for BCN 3224 Construction Techniques. The BCN 3223 Soil and Foundation class is not necessary to take BCN 3224 Construction Techniques. Add prerequisite of ALL program prerequisite to BCN 3224 Construction Techniques.


Log Number: 201508-56

Construction Management – Undergraduate

Add a new course

Maritime Construction (3 crs)


Junior (3xxx)


"BCNNA: All program Pre-requisite classes"

Course Description:

This course covers the principles of construction in a maritime environment. Areas of interest include ecological aspects of maritime construction including environmental permitting, geotechnical aspects of maritime construction, marine and offshore equipment and techniques, construction in ports and harbors


Log Number: 201508-57

Construction Management – Undergraduate


Change an existing course

Construction Management Intern


Senior (4xxx)


The CM department is removing the prerequisite of BCN3611C Construction Cost Estimating for the construction Internship. The prerequisite of the class will be the permission of the instructor. The department does not want to limit the level of student from the internship. CM would like students to be able to take an internship as early as they can for exposure to the industry.

New Course Description:

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Students must apply to internship at least one month prior to the semester they will register for internship. The course is designed as a culminating experience in construction management, this course allows the student an opportunity to practice acquired knowledge under careful observation and in cooperation with an experienced construction manager.