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Agenda Item FA 16-03

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) – (Biology and English):

Courses Changes (2 packages)

01/07/16: Passed

01/13/16: Approved

Log Number: 201508-115

Biology – Graduate

Change an existing course

Critical Skills in Science


Graduate (6xxx)


The purpose of the Critical Skills in Science course is to provide M.S. graduate students with advanced training in the career skills of professional scientists through the completion of hands-on activities centered on their M.S. Thesis research topic. The course uses a “coach-like” style of instruction in which students are constantly using instructor feedback, peer evaluation, and self-evaluation to improve their professional science skills. From experience, the instructor has learned that the student-centered mode of instruction in this course does not lend itself well to evaluation via traditional grading approaches and the use of the P/F option (which is typically used to assess performance in comparable courses at other universities) is preferred.

New Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide graduate Biology students with advanced training in the critical but often taken-for-granted skills necessary for becoming a professional biologist. This includes skills in research project design, proposal writing and peer review, oral and public presentation of scientific research, research ethics, and manuscript preparation.


Log Number: 201508-83

English – Graduate

Terminate an existing course

Documentary Workshop


Beginning graduate (5xxx)


FIL 5305 Documentary Workshop needs to be terminated because that course is now taught under FIL 5377: Advanced Documentary Production


Change an existing course

Adv. Documentary Production


Beginning graduate (5xxx)


FIL 5377: Advanced Documentary Production (3) needs to be repeatable 3 times for a maximum of 9 credits in order to correspond to its cross-listed companion course FIL 4363 Advanced Documentary Production (3).