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Agenda Item FA 16-01

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Graduate - New Degree Program Request) – (Management):

Proposal for Master of Science – Management Major (1 package)

01/07/16: Passed

01/13/16: Approved

01/12/16: UBOT

Log Number: 201508-104

 New Degree Program Request:

Add a new degree-major program
Proposal for Master of Science – Management Major - Graduate

Summary of the Changes:
We propose a 30-hour M.S. in Management that will be referred to as a Master of Management (MoM). The Master of Management has been developed in consultation with all Coggin faculty, the Coggin Business Advisory Council (BAC), and HR and other representatives of local employers. It will involve faculty and courses from all four CCB departments including Accounting & Finance, Economics & Geography, Management, and Marketing & Logistics. The curriculum has been designed to reflect industry expectations for entry-level and mid-level graduate management education and the Master of Management is strongly advocated by local and regional employers, as well as the other UNF deans as a means to help their students gain entry-level business knowledge to complement their existing undergraduate and/or graduate degrees and better position them to pursue entry-level or mid-level management positions. All Master of Management courses will be fully staffed via faculty overloads in years 1 and 2, and the Department of Management and College anticipate sufficient student demand in year 1 to demonstrate the need to hire one or two new tenure-track faculty in year 2 to start at UNF in the fall of year 3 so that faculty overloads will be significantly curtailed in year 3.