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Agenda Item FA 16-18

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate) - (Psychology):

New Courses, Course Changes, & Programs of Study (1 package)

04/07/16: Passed

04/18/16: Approved

Log Number: 201508-132

Psychology – Graduate

  Change a degree-major of an existing program. 

Master of Science – General Psychology Major


Summary of the Changes:

This new course will allow students to both contextualize and synthesize their knowledge in research methods and statistics.
• Contextualize - Teach statistical methodology based on core psychology topics. The benefit of this approach is that it offers students real-world research contexts on which to map statistical knowledge and ultimately make their learning more enduring and practical.
• Synthesize - The next goal is to synthesize the Research Design & Analysis I with Research Design and Analysis (PSY6217), which is taught in the second semester for first-year students.
This new course will replace STA 5126 Stat Methods/Social Sciences (3 credits) and will not affect the total semester hours.
The Program of Study reflects the changed approved by the Faculty Association (LOG 201505-0).

(Click here for the program of study)


Change an existing course

Research Design and Analysis


Graduate (6xxx)


Change Course Name of PSY6217 Research Design and Analysis (3 credit hours) to PSY6217 Research Design and Analysis II (3 credit hours). This change will not affect the credit hours.

New Course Description:

Prerequisite: PSY6xxx (Research Design & Analysis I) or STAT5126 or permission of instructor.
Description: This course involves further study of the design and analysis of psychological research. Emphasis is on issues concerning the choice of appropriate designs for implementation of research and statistics for analysis. Both experimental and correlational designs are explored and students are introduced to the use of computerized statistical packages.


Add a new course

Research Design & Analysis I (3 crs)  


Graduate (6xxx)


"PSY3213: Research Methods in Psychology"
AND "STA2014: (GM)Elem Statistics-Health/SS"
OR "STA2023: (GM) Elem Statistics-Business"

Course Description:

Prerequisite: PSY 3213 – Research Methods in Psychology; STA 2014 – Elementary Statistics for the Health and Social Sciences, or STA 2023 – Elementary Statistics for Business
The course involves the study of the research design and statistical analysis in Psychology.
Emphasis is placed on issues concerning the choice of basic to intermediate research designs and the appropriate use and interpretation of basic to intermediate statistical analyses. Non­parametric tests, basic to intermediate parametric tests, analyses addressing measurement of psychological constructs, and complex graphical display of data are explored. The course includes learning the effective use of computerized statistical packages.