Agenda Item FA 11-44

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCB - Economics & Geography

Program change (1 package)

09/01/11: Passed

09/09/11: Approved

Log Number: 201008-84

Economics and Geography - Undergraduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

BA - Economics Major


Summary of the Changes:

To require economics majors to have an international experience abroad, we request to add a 3-credit course from the following list to the major electives: 
- 3 credit UNF study abroad courses approved by the department chair 
- 3 credit economics course (3000/4000 level) abroad. 
- This requirement can be replaced with another 3-credit economics course (3000/4000 level) upon approval by the department chair in the case of extenuating circumstances. 
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