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Agenda Item FA 11-42

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

BCH (Undergraduate) - Nutrition & Dietetics, School of Nursing

Programs Changes (2 packages)

09/01/11: Passed

09/09/11: Approved

Log Number: 201101-21


Nutrition and Dietetics - Undergraduate

Add a new degree-major program

BS - Nutrition and Dietetics Major


Summary of the Changes:

We (Department of Nutrition & Dietetics) are adding the program of study (described below in the PDF file) to the BS in Nutrition & Dietetics degree. This program of study obtained full approval during the 2010-11 academic year and will begin Fall 2011. Likewise, the BS in Nutrition & Dietetics degree was approved by the Board of Trustees this year on January 18th, 2011 and will begin Fall 2011. It is the intent of this package to simply link the existing program of study with the BS in Nutrition & Dietetics degree (the previous degree was BS in Health, Nutrition concentration). All required documentation has previously been submitted and approved. Approval of this package will allow necessary catalog changes to be made.  
(Click here to view the Program of study)

Log Number: 201101-22


School of Nursing - Undergraduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

BS - Nursing Major


Summary of the Changes:

The RN-BSN bridge program requests to change total course hours from 34 to 30 hours. This will change total program hours from 64 to 60 hours. In order to accomplish this, the nursing elective for 3 credits in semester 1 will be removed and replaced with NUR 3825 Socialization to Professional Nursing (a 2 credit course currently being taught in the prelicensure curriculum). In addition, NUR 4945C Professional Nursing Integration is being decreased from 6 to 3 credit hours. The rationale for these changes is the following: 1. The nursing electives are difficult for the students to find and integration of NUR 3825 is a course that the faculty feels should be presented in the program. 2. NUR 4945C is currently being taught, but with over 96 clinical hours required, this has proved to be a hardship for many working nurses. 3. The change from a total of 64 to 60 hours does not affect any nursing requirements and will make the program more accessible to nurses in the community, who have been choosing RN-BSN programs with fewer clinical hours.

(Click here to view the Program of study)


Change an existing course

Profession Nursing Integration


Senior (4xxx)

945 C

Change the credit hours for NUR 4945C from 6 to 3 for the RN-BSN Bridge program only. This will decrease the clinical hours for the students and also decrease course content, some of which is included in the added NUR 3825 course.