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Agenda Item FA 11-41

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS - Foundations & Secondary Education

New Course & Programs Changes (1 packages)

09/01/11: Passed

09/12/11: Approved

Log Number: 201008-103

Foundations & Secondary Education - Graduate

Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program

MED - Curriculum and Instruction Major Professional Education Concentration

Summary of the Changes:

Foundations and Secondary Education request the following changes to the Curriculum and Instruction MEd, Professional Education Concentration: 
Eliminate MUE 6349 (3) (Spec Methods: Music) from the list of Special Methods courses. 
Rationale: Music Education is no longer offered by FSE; this course is no longer instructed within the department. 
Move EDG6325 (3) (GenEd Comp: Models of Teaching) from Program Requirements to Major Choices. 
Rationale: The course, while not central to the focus of the program, may be valuable for practitioners, depending on their professional interests and needs. 
Add EDG6xxx (3) Teacher Thinking and Decision Making In School Settings to Program Requirements. 
Rationale: Teachers significantly influence what students have an opportunity to learn in their classrooms. Secondary teachers have numerous opportunities in pre-service curricula and district in-service opportunities to reflect upon their classroom practice. The purpose of this course is to empower participants to have an understanding of their personal practical theories and how their theorizing influences student learning. Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of the following tenets: 
1)teaching is an active and complex practical activity; 
2)teacher decision making about curriculum is a practical, deliberative activity and its complexity is evidenced by the interaction of the commonplaces of teacher, student, subject matter, and milieu; 
3)this decision-making is influenced by personal practical theories of teaching; 
4)teacher reflectivity is enhanced by utilization of a naturalistic curriculum decision-making model
5)teacher reflective inquiry serves as the basis for continuous improvement and high quality teacher decision making. 
Add EDG6923 (3) (Curriculum Readings) to Program Requirements. 
Rationale:  EDG 6923 is designed to examine educational research as part of practitioner decision making and best serves program students within the major instead of as a culminating activity. 
Eliminate all Culminating Experience Options from Program of Study and replace with EDG 6911 (3) (Action Research). 
Rationale: EDG 6911 (3) (Action Research) provides program students an extended opportunity to develop and implement instructional improvement plans within their classrooms. 
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Add a new course

Teacher Thinking and Decision Making In School Settings (3crs)




Course Description: 
This course provides the field-based participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand their curricular and instructional decision making for continuous improvement of teaching.