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Agenda Item FA 11-48 (1st Reading)

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee


Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Academic Programs Committee Membership Changes Proposal - ARTICLE IV: Section 3 - A.

10/06/11: 1st Reading

11/03/11: 2nd Reading

  Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading  


Academic Programs Committee Membership Changes Proposal    


The Academic Programs Committee proposes the following change to the Bylaws to remove the requirement of the student members because their attendance has not been occurring, which impedes a quorum when faculty members are also absent from a scheduled meeting. A message was sent by the APC Chair to Student Government and we are waiting for their response.  In early September they requested more time for consideration of this proposed change to the committee's bylaws.


A motion was made and approved to increase the committee membership from 14 to 15 members, with the membership as follows: 12 faculty members, 2 from each of the colleges, one from the Library and one At-Large and 3 students. This would increase faculty membership from CCEC from 1 to 2 representatives.




Section 3.

A.  Academic Programs Committee:

The committee shall consist of fourteen fifteen members: eleven twelve faculty, two from each of the colleges except the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (CCEC), one from COCEC, one from the Library, and one At-Large; and three students selected by the Student Government Association.