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Agenda Item FA 11-57

Submitted by the Adjunct Affairs Committee

Adjunct Affairs Resolution

11/03/11: Passed

12/01/11: Disapproved


Whereas, based on the UNF Adjunct Faculty Surveys conducted in 2003 and 2009, a prominent issue for adjunct faculty is inadequate compensation.


Whereas,  the Adjunct Affairs Committee has verified that the current level of Adjunct Faculty Compensation was set in 2001.


Whereas, research by the Adjunct Affairs Committee (see enclosure 2) documents that UNF Adjunct Faculty Compensation is among the lowest in the Florida University System.

Whereas, since 2001, UNF faculty have received across the board pay increases in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, totaling 10.71%.

Therefore be it resolved that the Adjunct Compensation level be increased by 10.71% from $667-$917 per credit hour (see enclosure 1) to a minimum of $738-$1015 per credit hour or higher, as deemed appropriate, the minimum of which will still be lower than that provided by all but two schools in the Florida SUS.

*Disapproved with the understanding of the FA president that while the university does not currently have the resources to implement this resolution, the next time raises are allocated to full-time faculty (and staff) every effort will be made to address the compensation of adjunct faculty as well.


Provost Mark Workman