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Agenda Item FA 11-55

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COAS - Sociology & Anthropology

Terminate Master of Science - Applied Sociology Major (1 package)

11/03/11: Passed

11/08/11: Approved

01/17/12: UBOT

Log Number: 201101-32

Sociology & Anthropology - Graduate


Terminate a degree-major of an existing program

Master of Science- Applied Sociology Major


Summary of the Changes:

Briefly put, at a time when greater stewardship of limited resources is more important than ever, retaining a program that requires faculty and institutional resources, when that program serves a relatively small set of students, may be unwise. This has been the case with the Applied Sociology program, and while the future may hold an unforeseen potential of a growing market, the history of this program does not suggest such a potential market would reveal itself. In addition to this, the MSAS program was constructed at a time when the Department of Sociology and Anthropology had a cadre of faculty members whose professional interests and expertise lay in applied sociology. Due to retirements and promotions to administrative positions, this is no longer the case. When a recent Board of Governors-mandated program review was conducted, the external consultant advised us that continuing to mount a graduate degree program in the absence of a faculty professionally-focused on the area was a decidedly uphill battle. Due to the absence of a robust market of students, the absence of a faculty whose primary identity is that of being applied sociologists, and lack of resources needed to remedy the shortcomings cited by the external review, it is recommended that the MSAS program at UNF be terminated. Department faculty have concurred.  

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