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Agenda Item FA 11-50

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COAS (Undergraduate) - Art & Design

New Degree Program Proposal - Proposal for a Bachelor of Arts - Art History Major

11/03/11: Passed

11/08/11: Approved

03/20/12: UBOT

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Log Number: 201108-2

New Degree Program Request:

Proposal for a Bachelor of Arts - Art History Major - Undergraduate


The purpose of this proposal is to transition the B.A. in Art - Art History concentration to a stand-alone Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History in the Department of Art and Design at the University of North Florida. In order to bring Art History in line with national standards and better promote the success of the program's students and graduates, the BA in Art History degree program will reform and update the curriculum and pedagogical structure of UNF's current Art History program. The B.A. in Art History program will offer a comprehensive curriculum in Art History that emphasizes the history of Western art from antiquity to the present, with particular curricular depth initially in medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern, and Contemporary art. The program will also require significant foreign language training. Pedagogically, the program will emphasize students' acquisition of a versatile and broadly useful set of foreign language, writing, communication, critical thinking, and original research skills. The program will not offer formal tracks or concentrations. The B.A in Art History will require a total of 120 credit hours. 
The transition of the Art History program to a stand-alone degree program will enable UNF to maximize the Art History program's educational impact on its students by revising the shape and intent of the program, which has outgrown its beginnings and curricular structure as a concentration in the B.A. in Art degree program. Under the guidelines of the current program, students are required to take at least 15 and may take as many as 24 hours of fine (studio) arts coursework, rather than the state mandated minimum of 6 hours for B.A. in Art History majors. Under current guidelines, students are required to take only 24 hours of Art History coursework. Although the Art History and the Studio Art programs are happy partners in the same the department, their curriculum, pedagogical methods, and vocational outcomes are different. Studio Art represents an applied, creative course of study. Art History is research-centric and theoretical. (These disciplines approach the study of art much in the same way that Music and Physics approach the study of wavelengths). Nationally, it is not typical to require Art History majors to take large course loads in the Studio Arts, nor is it in the interest of our students to do so. The current structure risks producing students whose education is not sufficiently deep in either Art History or Studio Art. Under new guidelines outlined in this proposal, additional Art History courses, foreign language training (which is essential to research in Art History), and electives from complementary disciplines (e.g. History) will replace the bulk of the current Studio course load. 

(Art History BA Proposal Attachment)