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Agenda Item FA 12-14

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS - Childhood Education

Course Changes & Programs of Changes (1 packet)

03/01/12: Passed

03/08/12: Approved

Log Number: 201108-124

Childhood Education - Graduate


Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program

Master of Education -

Elementary Education Major TESOL (Tch Eng/Speakers of Other Lang) Concentration


Summary of the Changes:

For the Master of Education in Elementary Education with a Concentration in TESOL, the following changes are proposed in the program of study. First, for the major requirements, an option to take EDG 6623 Curriculum and Instruction for Adult Learning should be added for those students who wish to focus on adult education. Currently, the program only offers elementary and secondary school curriculum courses, but many of the students in the program wish to teach adults. Next, for the culminating experience option one, TSL 6940 TESOL Practicum should be changed to a 6-hour requirement to allow for a richer, more directed experience for students than is achieved through a 3-hour TESOL Practicum and an independent study (EDE 6910 Directed Individual Study/Research). The Practicum course would be offered most frequently as a 6-hour course, but the proposed change of study shows it as variable 3-6 credits to offer flexibility when needed (e.g. student completes 3 hours abroad and 3 hours at UNF over two semesters). Finally, option three of the culminating experience should be removed. Option three requires students to take EDG 6923 Curriculum Readings and one elective, and this option has no TESOL focus or requirement.

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Change an existing course TESOL Practicum TSL Graduate (6xxx) 940
With the proposed changes, all students will complete 6 hours of practicum TSL 6940 for culminating experience option one. Currently, students take the 3-hour practicum and an independent study, EDE 6910 Directed Individual Study/Research. The requested action would improve option one of the culminating experience. Most students would be advised to complete the practicum course as a six-hour course in one semester; however, the course will have variable credits (3-6) to offer flexibility when needed. With a 6-hour requirement, students would have more interaction with their colleagues in a classroom setting, and have more opportunity to collectively reflect upon their teaching experiences in TESOL.
New Course Description:
This course requires teaching experience in the field with English Language Learners. Peer and instructor class observations and coaching sessions will be given during weekly seminar-style meetings and in the field. Practicum students' structured experiences in classroom observations, lesson planning, and assisting/facilitating lessons for ELLs, will be based on current research and practices in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). Candidates and the practicum instructor collaborate with various ESOL programs in the community to facilitate the practicum for the candidates.