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Agenda Item FA 12-13

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS - Childhood Education, Exceptional Student & Deaf Education

Programs of Changes (2 packages)

03/01/12: Passed

03/07/12: Approved

Log Number: 201108-126

Childhood Education - Undergraduate

Add a new minor

Minor in Early Childhood


Summary of the Changes:

A minor in the early childhood education will be offered to students who are interested in working in the field of early childhood (children ages 0-8). Currently those interested in this field have available to them a teacher preparation program (B.A.E. in Prekindergarten/Primary Education). However the field of early childhood attracts a larger population than those interested in teaching.

Following is the program of study: 
Program of Study 
18 Credit Hours 
LAE 3210 Foundations of Literacy (3 Hours) 
EEC 3408 Family School Partnerships (3 Hours) 
EEC 4209 Music, Art and Movement or 
EEC 4210 Math, Science and Social Studies (6 Hours) 
EEC 4260 Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Prekindergarten/Primary (3 Hours) 
EDG 4905 (Special Topics) Program Planning: Infants and Toddlers (3 Hours)
(Click here to view the Program of study) 

Log Number: 201108-110

Exceptional Student & Deaf Education - Undergraduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Bachelor of Science - Sign Language Interpreting


Summary of the Changes:

Change Major Name to be the same as the Program of Study: ASL/English Interpreting. This revised Program of Study reflects current course numbers, deletion of one course, and change in course hours for two courses. Total program hours are unchanged. This package is a result of discussion and request by the APC Committee on 10.27.11 regarding Log#201108-0 to change three 2-credit Service Learning courses to two 3-credit courses. The rationale for this change is based on the work load of community based learning courses for which 3 credit hours are more fitting. The changed courses are INT 3950, Service- Learning with Deaf Children and INT 3951, Service-Learning with the Deaf Community. The deleted course is EEX 3XXX Service-Learning in Interpreting, which has never been offered since the program began in 2007.

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