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Agenda Item FA 12-12

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCB - Management

Programs of Changes (1 packet)

03/01/12: Passed

03/08/12: Approved

Log Number: 201201-8

Management - Graduate


Add a new concentration to an existing program

Master of Business Admin. - General Business Major Sport Management Concentration  


Summary of the Changes:

The Coggin College of Business at the request of and in cooperation with the College of Education's Department of Leadership, Counseling, and Instructional Technology (DLCIT) seek to add a Sport Management Concentration to its MBA degree program. DLCIT has developed and added the required courses and these courses have been approved through the APC process. This concentration is seen as advantageous to the students of both the Coggin College and the College of Education. It provides Coggin students another concentration option and DLCIT students a degree program to further their specialty.

Following is a new MBA concentration: 
Sport Management (9 credits) 
Students must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes. 
SPM6008 Foundations of Sport Management (3 hours) to be taken if one does not have an undergraduate degree or minor in sport management 
Students may take any 3 of the four courses listed below* 
SPM 5206 Ethics and Issues in Sport (3 hours) 
SPM 5506 Sport Finance (3 hours) 
SPM 6106 Facilities and Risk Management (3 hours) 
SPM 5308 Marketing and Promotions (3 hours) 
*The Coggin College reserves the right to substitute one business elective course if it should develop a 
dedicated Sport Management elective at a future date. 
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