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Agenda Item FA 12-27

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Non-Attendance Grade Assignment

06/07/12: Passed

06/28/12: Approved

07/23/12: Withdrawn

Non-Attendance Grade Assignment 


The Academic Standards Committee proposes the following policy: to create a new letter grade assignment for students  in which  (who) did not attend any classes of a registered course section. This will facilitate the reporting process under Federal financial aid requirements, and will serve as a notification to students of their status in a particular course.


Non-Attendance Grade Assignment  


A student will be assigned a grade of 'FN'(WN (withdrawal for non-attendance) for any registered course section in which the student attended no classes. The grade will be calculated as an 'F' in the student's grade point average.  


The faculty member teaching the course can assign the FN WN grade at any point after the reinstatement deadline.


For students receiving financial aid, failure for non-attendance may require the student to return all or a portion of his/her aid.