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Agenda Item FA 12-26

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

BCH - Nutrition & Dietetics, School of Nursing

Course Changes (3 packages)

06/07/12: Passed

06/18/12: Approved

Log Number: 201201-44

Nutrition & Dietetics - Undergraduate


Change an existing course Sports Nutrition HUN Senior (4xxx) 414
Change title of HUN4414, Sports Nutrition to HUN4414, Nutrition for Physical Activity and Health. The proposed course title name change more accurately reflects the course content and intent, which conceptually is a broader perspective and approach to the topics covered in the course.
New Course Description: 

HUN4414: Sports Nutrition 3 
Prerequisite: HUN 2201.  A detailed study of the relationship between athletic performance and nutrition. Topics covered include the energy systems and the fuel sources utilized; the role of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in the athlete's diet; appropriate vitamin and mineral intake; hydration and fluid replacements; ergogenic aids and nutritional quackery. 




Log Number: 201201-46

Nutrition & Dietetics - Undergraduate


Change an existing course Basic Prin Human Nutrition HUN Sophomore (2xxx) 201

Allow HUN 2201 Basic Principles of Nutrition to be accepted as a General Education course meeting the Natural Sciences non-lab course requirement. This request has been submitted to the General Education committee and approved.

New Course Description: 
HUN 2201, Basic Principles of Nutrition, is an introductory course in food and nutrition science relative to the health and well-being of the individual and the community. The functions and chemical composition of the essential nutrients, and how they are processed and utilized in the body are discussed. Dietary habits, nutrient requirements, food choices, healthy eating practices, menu planning, shopping for food and food preparation are studied. Myths and misinformation about nutrition are identified and evaluated based on the scientific evidence. This course meets the 3 credits non-lab course requirement toward the General Education Natural Science requirements and learning through reflective judgment.



Log Number: 201201-62

School of Nursing - Undergraduate


Change an existing course Profession Nursing Integration NUR Senior (4xxx) 945 C

The course, NUR 4945C, Professional Nursing Integration, is a variable credit course, with 3 credit hours in the RN-BSN program and up to 7 credit hours for the undergraduate prelicensure course.  When we made changes to the nursing curriculum this year, NUR 4945C was inadvertently listed as "fixed" credit instead of variable credit hours.