Agenda Item FA 12-05

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee


New Course & Program of Study Changes (1 package)

01/12/12: Passed

01/19/12: Approved

Log Number: 201108-98

Honors Program - Undergraduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Not a Degree Program - Non-Degree Seeking


Summary of the Changes:

We have instituted a new course, IDH1xxx (H) Honors First Yr Colloquium, which is required for all students who wish to receive the designation of either University Honors or Baccalaureate Honors on their transcripts. The rationale for this new course is to help Honors students make the transition from high school to college and provide a common Honors experience that will serve to attach students to the Honors and Scholars Program. The course will be tied to a common theme and is designed to enhance students' critical thinking skills, cultural awareness, and intellectual curiosity. 
With the addition of this new course, the requirements for Honors students will be: 
A minimum of 15 hours of Honors credits for University Honors, which must include IDH 1xxx (H) Honors First Yr Colloquium. 
A minimum of 30 hours of Honors credit for Baccalaureate Honors, which must include IDH 1xxx (H) Honors First Yr Colloquium. 
Obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 at the time of graduation. 
In addition to meeting the above criteria, Honors students must also complete a capstone experience. 
Capstone Experiences: Students may continue to take Honors courses throughout their four years of college, but in addition, there will now be several ways to complete the Honors capstone requirement in the last two years of the student's program. These include 
• Honors in the Major (the traditional research thesis or creative project) 
• A Community Based Learning Project 
• A Study Abroad Experience 
• An Electronic Portfolio of Significant Work Completed as an Undergraduate 
• Completion of the Leadership Certificate offered by UNF's Institute for Values, Community and Leadership 

• Any other project or experience that a student proposes as long as it is accepted by the Honors Council.   

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Add a new course Honors First Year Colloquium (3 crs) IDH Freshman (1xxx) 990


Course Description:

There are two distinct but connected parts of this course. The course will include a series of activities, exercises and assignments designed to help students ese their time in college efficiently so they can achieve their career and personal goals. The second part of the course is the content: immigration and cultural identity. America is unique in the world in that it is a nation made up mostly of immigrants. The course will explore both students' own family histories and the stories of very recent immigrants to Jacksonville to explore the phenomenon of immigration. Students will consider the concepts of national and ethnic/regional identity in the context of immigrant communities in Jacksonville. The course will include a service-learning project that connects students with some of our local immigrant communities, and each group will research background on their chosen immigrant group and present it to the rest of the class. Students will also use a GIS mapping program to map elements of our local immigrant communities. In the process, we will learn how to sort through politics and socio-economic differences to find reliable facts and common ground. The readings will be supplemented by a series of lectures given by faculty and staff members who will both present on an aspect of immigration and cultural identity or one of the skills related to their particular discipline.