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Agenda Item FA 12-03

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS - Foundations & Secondary Education

Programs of Study changes (1 package)

01/12/12: Passed

01/19/12: Approved

Log Number: 201108-32

Foundations and Secondary Education- Undergraduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Bachelor of Arts in Education - Middle School Education Major

Summary of the Changes:

Changes in the State of Florida Content Standards for Middle Grades math and science teachers(15th Edition) necessitate the addition of more science content in the Middle School Education Math/Science option. The Content Standards for Mathematics are such that an additional course does not make a difference in our students' ability to pass Middle Grades certification exams in Mathematics. We have replaced requirements where students had an option to take any science course with specific courses that have the necessary content for the broad emphasis in science required at the middle school level. In addition, we have changed a requirement for an additional math course at the 3000/4000 level that is impossible for our students to take given the prerequisites for that level of math courses to an additional math course.

The changes we are making are: 
1. Add PHY1020/1020L Introduction to Physics (3) to the list of Prerequisites and remove alternatives to taking CHM2045C General Chemistry (4 crs). Both Chemistry and Physics must be taken. 
2. Replace EDG4205 (Middle School Phil/Curr, 3 cr) with BSC3057 (Intro Env Stud, 3 cr). 
3. Replace EEX3251 (Math Meth for Lrnrs with Excpt, 3 cr) with EEX4484 (Math Sci for Lrnrs with Excpt, 3 cr). EEX3251 is no longer taught and the new course better meets the needs of our students. 
4. Replace SELECT 1 CHEMISTRY OR PHYSICS W/LAB with BSC1011C General Biology II w/ Lab (4 cr). Acceptable substitute: BSC1011/1011L 
5. Replace SELECT 1 add'l science course 4 hours from the following prefixes at the 300-400 level: BOT/BSC/MCB/OCE/PCB/ZOO/CHM/CHS/AST/GLY/ISC/PHY/PHZ with AST2002/2002L (Basic Astronomy w/ Lab, 4 cr). 
6. Change SELECT ADDITIONAL MATH 3 credits: choose from the following prefixes at the 300/400 level: MAA/MAC/MAD/MAP/MGF/MHF/MTG with SELECT ADDITIONAL MATH 3 cr : MAA/MAC/MAD/MAP/MGF/MHF/MTG. 
The credit hours for the program are unchanged.  
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