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Agenda Item FA 12-16

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS - Childhood Education & Foundations & Secondary Education

Course changes & Programs of Changes (4 packages)

04/05/12: Passed

04/13/12: Approved

Log Number: 201201-9

Childhood Education - Undergraduate


Change an existing course Reading Method Elem Teachers RED Junior (3xxx) 310 

This course name change of RED 3310 from "Reading methods for elementary teachers" to "Teaching reading as a process" more accurately describes the course. No objectives will be changed. 



Log Number: 201201-10

Foundations & Secondary Education - Undergraduate


Change an existing course Reading Method Second Teachers RED Junior (3xxx) 333

Change of course name from "Reading Methods Secondary Teachers" to "Content Area Reading." The current course name is inaccurate and incorrectly depicts the nature of the course. It is also inconsistent with similar courses in other teacher education programs.



Log Number: 201108-125

Foundations & Secondary Education - Undergraduate



Change an existing course Nature of The Learner EDF Junior (3xxx) 151
We would like to change the title of EDF 3151 Nature of the Learner to EDF 3151 Educational Psychology. This change would make the title of the course clearer in that the course explores psychological learning theories (e.g., behaviorism, constructivism) applied to education.


Log Number: 201201-11

Foundations & Secondary Education- U ndergraduate


Terminate a degree-major of an existing program

Bachelor of Arts in Education - Vocational/Tech Education Major


Summary of the Changes: 

The Bachelor of Arts in Education, Trade and Industrial Teacher Education was inactivated in summer 1999 because of a lack of adequate enrollment in the program. An APC to terminate the program was not put forth, and it is still on the books. We have received permission to terminate from the Board of Governors. The program had been offered on UNF's main campus. There has been no impact on enrollment or reallocation of resources as the program has not admitted any students since summer 1999.

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