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Agenda Item FA 10-32

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Graduate) -(Public Health):

Programs of Study Changes (1 item)

09/02/10: Passed

09/13/10: Approved

Log Number: 09/10-322

Public Health - Graduate


MS – Mental Health Counseling Major

Summary of the Changes:
The Mental Health Counseling Program seeks to add an elective in Advanced Practice in Group Therapy -- MHS 6XXX -- to afford students a deeper and more expansive learning experience beyond the introductory group counseling class. Increasingly, mental health counselors are called upon to do many groups of many different varieties. Group skills are difficult to learn and take time and assimilation. This elective will allow those students who need in-depth group skills to acquire them under University supervision.
The evaluation format of the course -- MHS6830, Internship in Mental Health Counseling -- will change in from a letter grade to pass/fail so that Grade Point Averages are more accurately reflective of grades attained from coursework, as opposed to field work, where site supervisors do not necessarily discriminate between the grade of A and any other grade

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