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Agenda Item FA 10-31

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS (Graduate) - (Leadership, Counseling, & Instructional Technology):

Programs of Study Changes

09/02/10: Passed

09/13/10: Approved

Log Number: 09/10-281

Graduate – Leadership, Counseling and Instructional Technology
09/10 -281

Masters of Education – Educational Leadership Major
Educational Technology Track

Summary of the Changes:
Currently there is a requirement for all graduating students in educational leadership's department programs to submit a program portfolio as a part of their program's culminating event. The sister program concentrations within the department have the portfolio requirement embedded in the practicum course, but the educational technology concentration does not have a similar practicum course. In order to align the educational technology concentration with the other educational leadership programs there is the need for the addition of the zero (0) credit course where students submit their program portfolios. The portfolio is already a requirement of the program concentration; the addition of the zero (0) credit course* would officiate the portfolio and act as a reminder for the program students concerning its development and submission as a capstone item.
*EME 6XXX Educational Technology Portfolio (0 cr)

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