Agenda Item FA 10-30

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS (Undergraduate) - (Foundations & Secondary Education):

Programs of Study Changes (1 item)

09/02/10: Passed

09/09/10: Approved

Log Number: 09/10-285


Undergraduate – Foundations and Secondary Education

BA – Art Education Major
Art Education (K-12) Concentration

Summary of the Changes:
The changes to the Art Education program are as follows:
Action: Replace two required Art Education courses—ARE 4316 (Art Education in Elementary Schools, 3 semester hours) and ARE 4341 (Art in Secondary Schools: an Inquiry, 3 semester hours)—with one course, ARE 4353 (Teaching Art with a Discipline-based Focus, 4 semester hours).
Rationale: In February 2010, the Art Education Program was changed to include ARE 4XXX (Teaching Aesthetics, Art Criticism and Art History in K-12 Classrooms, 3 semester hours), as a replacement for ARH 4500(Aesthetics) (which is no longer offered at UNF).  The ARE 4XXX course includes content and objectives included in ARE 4316 and ARE 4341, creating redundant content and objectives. ARE 4353 resolves this redundancy and, in conjunction with ARE 4XXX, meets all national and state content standards.  This move also brings the required hours of the Art Education Program in line with other Secondary Education majors.  It reduces by two hours the total semester hours for the program from 126 to 124.

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